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Looks Like Done Deal; Irving to LA

By T.J. Simers

So now we know, Kyrie Irving will be playing for the Lakers this season.

Only way it doesn’t happen is if GM Rob Pelinka goes stupid. OK, so maybe there is a chance, but by most accounts the Nets will not hang onto Irving if they honor Kevin Durant’s request to be traded.

Irving was probably out of reach a few days ago, but now without Durant, the agonizing headache that is Irving will more than likely belong to another team.

Why would any team take on such a headache?

Well, a desperate team, one that is expected to win a championship every season and which has no hope to do so this coming season as presently structured, has no choice but to welcome such trouble.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said the Lakers’ have had a Hail Mary answered, getting Irvine and maybe getting rid of Russell Westbrook at the same time. That almost makes Pelinka a genius, and maybe the only way it can happen with Pelinka doing nothing.

Windhorst and others say the market for Irving is almost nonexistent, which means only the Lakers can screw it up. Irving supposedly is telling folks he will be playing in L.A.

Holy Jerry West, how far have the Lakers slipped that good luck now is the way they improve. Or is it bad luck?

It means the Lakers will have to take on the loser that is Irving, the selfish guy who sabotaged Brooklyn’s great plan for dominance, and I’ll bet you can’t wait to buy a Lakers’ jersey for your kid with his name on the back.

As much as Laker fans disdain Westbrook, if he goes to Brooklyn, they probably won’t care much what they get in return. But they’ll consider Irving a knight in shining armor.

Of course they will, because they don’t know what they are talking about. Some of them are now calling for the Lakers to trade Anthony Davis for Durant because they think the world revolves around L.A.

Maybe it does, but that would be the Los Angeles Clippers.

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