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Laker Craziness

By T.J. Simers

While I was drowning Sunday, the last thing I saw was my daughter laughing at me. There was no move made to save me. Not an inch.

Now I know what it’s like for Rob Pelinka, the Lakers’ GM, and what he’s had to endure while trying to keep his head above water. I promise to stop laughing at him.

I was very upset as I went under, wondering if this was it then I would never know where Durant or Irving will play next season. Could you really die in peace if this was your time?

Pelinka is on the verge of becoming a genius and I might have left you all thinking he was a dope before any trade became official.

A writer lives with that thought, knowing he’ll be remembered for the last thing he wrote. Poor Jeanie Buss.

Jeanie was writing into the night this past weekend, but no mention of how many glasses of wine it took to get her exclusive twitter thoughts.

She had given an exclusive interview to Times’ Columnist Bill Plaschke several weeks back, and the way that read, somebody had to be imbibing.

If you were imbibing and reading her tweet you might wonder about her twitter logo which has her lying on her back and holding two basketballs over what appears to be her naked chest.

The picture was taken for Sports Illustrated almost 25 years ago but I guess it’s important for the owner of the Lakers to still be viewed in this way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

Jeanie’s tweet began with her proclaiming that she misses KB, as she wrote, “the greatest Laker ever.”

Just a hunch that she was not referring to Kent Bazemore, so I agree, Kobe is my greatest Laker, but I wasn’t there for West, Wilt, Elgin or Kareem.

She also wrote that KB “understood team over self,” and while I might quibble with that, it’s her tweet. I just wish I would have had the chance to quibble over that with Kobe.

Some people thought it was sweet of Jeanie to be thinking about Kobe, but I’m still not sure what she was trying to say. She’s the owner of the Lakers, and I’d like to think she’s got it all together even though I still don’t get the whole Phil Jackson and Jeanie romance.

Why was Jeanie waxing poetic deep into the night? Some folks thought she was sending a message to LeBron, apparently under the cover of darkness.

I know a number of published reports referred to her tweet as being “cryptic.” I had to look it up. “A coded message is an example of something cryptic, or a letter written in invisible ink.”

Sending a coded message written in invisible ink in the middle of the night would seem more whacky to me than cryptic.

That’s what I would tell Jeanie.

I only make mention of all this because Jeanie wrote in her tweet: “All can reply.”

I have a cold one in my hand, so I’m doing just that.

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