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Who Goofed? The Chargers of course

By T.J. Simers

Thank God Alex Spanos is dead.

Or, last night’s game would have just killed him and we would have had to pause for a second to mourn him today.

The Spanos Goofs legacy is alive and well, everything the father and son touching turning to defeat, including their nonsensical move to Los Angeles to become second-class citizens.

How do you lose a playoff game when you have been gifted with a 27-0 lead and on the road and with only a little more than a half to play? Every team’s dream.

But the Goofs have a history of disappointing — my daughter saying in a phone call last night when the score was 27-7 in favor of the Chargers they would lose. She was raised right, learning the truisms in sports like Bill Belichick will respond to a long-winded question with a one-word answer.

Do we blame the coach for this embarrassing loss? Yes. He took the Chargers’ job.

He calls the defensive plays, and he calls the offensive plays, which makes him more in control than most head coaches, so who else is there to blame? Someone is going to take the blame because blowing a 27-0 lead is epic. And entertaining, (I wouldn’t fire him for that reason alone.)

But how about the saps who live in San Diego, so sad today? The former sports editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune sent out a tweet of shock when the referee tossed a flag on a mouthy Charger last night. Still rooting for a team that has only disappointed the San Diego faithful.

Alex Spanos, who remained living in Stockton when he was owner of the Chargers, used to call Chargers’ fans, “my fans.” At the risk of speaking for all fans in San Diego they were not fans of the Goofs who would ultimately take away the hometown team.

I don’t know what karma is but I think the Chargers have it bad.

But there is something to be said about the buffoons, ala the Washington Generals, who now call Los Angeles home. They can be counted on to play the role of stooges.

You want them back now? Well, they’ve got nothing to do over the next few months.

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