Lakers deserve credit, one crazed guy says

By T.J. Simers

Do you think Plaschke is pulling everyone’s leg and just playing the role of the big dummy?

After Game 1, he pummeled LeBron James.

After Game 2, he annihilated Anthony Davis.

After Game 3, he gave up on the Lakers and turned to his favorite subject, USC.

After Game 4, he suggested everyone hold hands and sing the praises of the Lakers after they had had been swept.

“No shame in this sweep,” shouted the headline above his column and shouldn’t every professional team that has been swept be ashamed of itself?

Plaschke wrote that it was a sweep, but it wasn’t ugly. He wrote it was sweep but it wasn’t embarrassing. It was a sweep, he wrote, but there should be no shame.

It was a shame then that Plaschke wrote it was a sweep three times in a row to make the point it wasn’t ugly, embarrassing and there should be no shame.

I’m confused. He writes now what a great year it was for the Lakers, and yeah, this is just the beginning of great things ahead with no mention whether LeBron James will retire as James hinted.

What a load of crap. Was this written to put a nice bow on the Lakers’ season to make amends for all the criticism he threw the Lakers’ way? He’s been trying to run LeBron out of town and now he tells us this “is the postseason where James officially became a Laker.”

Does he still get credit for winning a championship when the Lakers won in the bubble?

So, he only gets credit for being a full-fledge Laker when the team gets swept out of the playoffs?

Come on, he’s got to be pulling our legs

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