Boo-hoo, Houston cheated six years ago

By T.J. Simers

What did I think about Plaschke’s Friday morning column in the LA Times telling Dodgers’ fans to boo the Astros for cheating six years ago?

Juvenile. Trite. Stupid. Hackneyed. High school quality. Cornball. Desperate. Immature, Get over it. Half-baked. Grow up. Mad, because Lakers didn’t follow your advice? You want credit because Astros get booed wherever they go? Ridiculous. Boo-hoo. Cheap. No real work necessary to write it.

You write: “They’re wearing your rings.” I’m confused. You want the Dodger players to boo? The fans don’t wear World Series rings.

You write “The pain has not abated” after six years. Obviously, you are still in pain and that’s sick because I know you really don’t care who wins. Are you being phony?

You write: “The anger has not softened,” and I guess that’s why we have such an angry society, and thanks for stoking it some more.

You write: “The outrage is still real.” Yeah, Cody Bellinger, Justin Fields, Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson, Corey Seager and Chase Utley can barely get on in their daily lives.

What do I think? I’ve moved on to Yellowstone and what Kevin Costner is doing to my favorite show. Boo. Boo.

I know the Times measures the effectiveness of its writers by counting the number of hits they get from each story, and tapping into the Dodgers’ fans who might live and die with how Brandon Morrow might get revenge tonight….oh, I forgot, he’s no longer with the Dodgers. Make that Yu Darvish…oh. Well Kenley Jansen…

The Astros have two active players remaining from 2017, but Plaschke pretends he is raging mad. You see what happens when the Lakers give him nothing to write.

You write: “This was about you. This was an insult to your city. This was a punch to your passion. This was personal.”

Come on. Get a grip. Really? If the city has to be reminded it was an insult and punch to its passion, it couldn’t smart all that much six years later. So silly. Infantile. Nitwitted. This is what happens when a newspaper lays off 74 copy editors.

I remind you it’s in the Dodgers’ DNA to choke. That seems to be a bigger problem than someone banging on a trash can. Much ado about nothing six years later. Water under the bridge. Been down that road before. Just garbage.

Unless this gives Yasiel Puig one more chance to buy a ticket and really let those Astros have it.

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