Dodgers Trade for Race Car Driver

By T.J. Simers

One more thing.

I know Frank McCourt still owns the Dodgers’ parking lots, but any chance he’s advising the front office this year on how to assemble a team?

How do you swing a trade for a guy who has it writing he doesn’t want to play for your organization? The Dodgers traded for a pitcher from Detroit and he informed them the Dodgers were one of 10 teams he had already decided not to join.

How much work went into vetting that trade? That’s the way the Dodgers I knew more than a decade ago behaved. They were a joke.

If a guy picks Detroit over LA, do you really want him?

Now I could have sworn LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke insisted in a column the Dodgers trade for a starting pitcher. They got Yarbrough; I thought he was a race car driver.

Plaschke also told the Angels to trade Ohtani; doesn’t anyone listen to this guy? He also wrote LeBron should be traded. The Times got mad at me because I said Arte Moreno might be the problem a decade ago; at least I was right.

The Dodgers didn’t do much in the offseason, taking on the look of a team owned by McCourt, and now went belly up at the trading deadline.

I think about all the words in the LA Times speculating on who the Dodgers might acquire, and I wonder if those boys at the LA Times are talking to the Dodgers’ front office or just guessing?

The Times’ writers were absolutely clueless; did any of them predict the team was going all in on the race car driver?

The conclusion: Trading deadline stories are a waste of time.

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