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Readers Revolt in Las Vegas, Get Box Scores Back

By T.J. Simers

Three days after the Las Vegas Review-Journal removed box scores from the newspaper, the newspaper has been overwhelmed by upset readers.

As a result, the box scores will return Friday.

“All, a heads up that our print readers have spoken up,” wrote the executive editor of the Review-Journal to its employees in a memo. “They were not happy about losing their baseball box scores, so they’re coming back, effective in tomorrow’s edition.”

That means one of two things for the LA Times: The Times does not give a hoot what its readers want, or Times’ baseball readers have given up on the Times and didn’t think it was worth fighting for the return of box scores.

Either way, it’s damning, and a clearer sign of the Times’ demise.

Kudos to sports editor Bill Eichenberger of the Review-Journal who listened to the newspaper’s readers and opted to satisfy the newspaper’s readership.

I’m sure the LA Times’ sport editor Iliana Romero will just order up another soccer story.

Keep in mind the Times did not have to get rid of box scores; the newspaper will be going to new presses in February. The Times’ sports editor said she just wanted to get Times’ readers used to (being deprived).

At the very least, you can bet she will run another piece of Associated Press file art and a flowery feature—today a lot of different color LA baseball caps rather than a recap of how the Dodgers have dominated in recent weeks.

In short, the newspaper does not care if you are unhappy and apparently you have done little to make the LA Times feel what it means to disregard the paying customers.

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