Box Score Shows LA Times Can’t Win

By T.J. Simers

After hearing how negative public reaction convinced the executives at the Las Vegas Review-Journal to bring back box scores, I was curious if the LA Times received any flak when it got rid of box scores.

I’m being told the newspaper received more than 7,000 negative emails, a staggering number when you think about people actually sitting down to express their dismay to nameless, faceless editors.

I’ve also been told the newspaper had more than 10,000 cancelled subscriptions.

I welcome a call from sports editor Iliana Romero if those numbers are not accurate and will say nothing about her reputation among her staff for not telling the truth.

But more than ever, it begs the question why did the newspaper eliminate the box scores when there was absolutely no pressing need to do so? And how does the person who made that decision to irritate readers in these troubled newspaper times still have a job?

Wikipedia says the newspaper, which represents a city as large as Los Angeles and how many millions is that, has a circulation of about 141,000.

If true, the newspaper has bigger issues than box scores.

I’d start with management.

One thought on “Box Score Shows LA Times Can’t Win

  1. I dispute 141,000 ….as the UK media watchdog Press-Gazette had a quote of 118,000 (probably on a good day). ((Source: Alliance for Audited Media (((former ABC?)))))
    Today, I spent about 4-seconds with the sports section.

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