Welcome Back Choking Dogs


I thought it was pretty clever on the part of the Choking Dogs and Freddie Freeman to come up with the Surrender Dance to add a little spice to the Dogs annual swoon.

You know what I am talking about. They were showing it on TV all week leading up to the Dogs first playoff game, the arms high above the head, a little silly wiggle thrown in for entertainment and then yelling. “I surrender.”

I was in bed, but I’m told the Dogs’ David Peralta did the Surrender Dance late into Saturday night’s game; I can’t imagine him celebrating anything. That would be silly.

If you are a Dodgers’ fan you have to expect a playoff opener like Saturday night’s. There is no excuse for arriving late or sitting in traffic. And yet the Dogs were down something like 8 or 9 to nothing before some folks had parked their cars.

It was going to be a night of eating; the baseball was unwatchable.

Given Dodger parking lot history why does anyone arrive late looking for a place to park? Doesn’t speak highly of the intellect of Dogs’ fans, seeking the misery that comes with driving around the parking lot after the game has started.

On a positive note, you never saw Clayton Kershaw at work.

As Plaschke told us the Dogs are going to win the World Series, so no worries. But for a moment it wasn’t looking good there in Plaschke’s quest to be loved by the local fans.

Plaschke had written the Trojans were going to win all their games this season, but they had to go into triple overtime to beat a mediocre Arizona team on Saturday night.

How would Plaschke have handled a loss by the Dogs and the Trojans on the same day? He likes sob stories, but I don’t know if that includes tears from the columnist.

The Dodgers just have to stop winning so many meaningless regular-season games, allowing them to take a week off before opening the playoffs and listening to all the TV hype and newspaper mush extolling how great they are.

I thought I had heard the Dogs had like only one starting pitcher, so anyone picking them to win the World Series had to be really sucking up to the locals.

I read so much about Kershaw before the first playoff game, I thought someone had something new to report. I was wrong.

Pretty soon we should be reading in the Times, well, maybe you will still be reading, that the Lakers will go undefeated and win the NBA title.

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  1. It’s one game. Last time I checked, a team needs to win three games to advance. Are you going to write about the Rams season being over now after losing to the Eagles on Sunday? Have a little faith and at least make fun of USC for doing its best to make sure Caleb Williams isn’t the No. 1 pick in next year’s NFL draft.

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