Lasorda contacted me

By T.J. Simers

I got on Facebook a few months ago because Elon Musk screwed up Twitter and I wanted to write a blog that might be read more than anything Tyler R. Tynes wrote for the LA Times.

So, I’m still learning some of the nuances associated with Facebook, a little surprised, though, when I got a friends request from Tommy Lasorda Monday.

I just figured he was thinking about turkey and Thanksgiving Day, but there were no cuss words mentioned so I wasn’t sure it was from Tommy,

And besides, I thought he would be busy explaining to Rosalynn Carter why he had Tom Niedenfuer pitch to Jack Clark, while showing her around the place.

I know everyone wasn’t a fan of Lasorda, friend Frank Pace coming to mind and it’s a shame how good people can be so wrong.

But I found him to be one of the very few memorable people—Pace, too—you’re fortunate to meet in life and consider them a friend.

And I know this, if anyone could wrangle a three-day pass out of the Big Guy it would be Tommy, but when I pressed the button to accept his Facebook friends’ request all I got was a wave. That’s so unTommy-like.

I miss Tommy and our breakfasts at Mini Gourmet in Yorba Linda because they were usually free. I still recall going to Las Vegas on Tommy’s request to hear him speak to some large group. What a showman; he was waving the American Flag and had those people so inspired they didn’t mind losing a gambling hour of their day.

I also listened to Lasorda speak to the grade school kids at St. Francis of Assisi in Yorba Linda. He was used to dealing with professional athletes so it wasn’t that much of a stretch, but they were mesmerized.

I was hoping one of the little darlings would ask him what he thought of Kingman’s performance, but no such luck.

I’m not really a big fan of people dying so I think it’s kind of cool that I could still be Facebook friends with Lasorda just like I am with Taylor Swift.

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could figure out how we could be Facebook friends with all those people floating around up there. I’d like to catch up with Scully and my mom.

If they would have to charge more for Facebook, like premium TV channels, I’d pay it.

I’d like to know Lasorda has said anything to Bobby Knight since he arrived, and you will notice how optimistic I am, suggesting no one is heading south for an angry life lived.

Netflix is good at this kind of stuff. We had Wooden & Scully on stage together; why not direct from up there, Lasorda & Knight. I’m not ready yet to be the emcee, but thanks for the suggestion as I’m sure someone will make, but we’ve lost so much.

I don’t know what prompted me, but I just did an Internet search on R.D. Hubbard only to learn he was dead. More than three years ago. Inexcusable. He was going to put the Raiders in a new stadium at Hollywood Park.

He loved horse racing at a time when the sport was known for more than just dead horses. He was an amazing colorful character, and Lasorda was, too. I’ve made that mistake before, not checking on someone who as so prominent in my life, and learning next they were dead. Chuck Knox comes to mind.

But it’s nice that they are all in the same place now, although it would be better if we didn’t have to go so far to renew old acquaintances.

Thanks to the Facebook friends request from Lasorda it was good for a time to harken back to better days and not waste so much time fretting about how Chip Kelly & Lincoln Riley disappointed Plaschke.

I got a feeling no one up there really cares. I’ll let you know as soon as Lasorda sends me a message.

5 thoughts on “Lasorda contacted me

  1. Awesome! I wish I could find the sound clip of Tommy cursing his head off, dropping F bombs in a baseball game and then splice it with a clip from the elementary school, pure #2 magic! Chuck Knot is dead? who’s going to run the ground chuck offence??? you know run run throw or just run run run. ahh the good old days when the trojans were not a prophylactic mess…

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