Williams proves to be whiny, self-absorbed brat

By T.J. Simers

Debbie has proclaimed herself my No. 1 fan, in part because there is no competition.

She was unhappy because I stopped writing blogs as I finish up a book. I noticed no one else complained other than my No. 1 fan.

But how could I pass up writing the University of Spoiled Children once again making a mockery of entitlement with Caleb Williams speaking to his lofty standing as a human being because he could play football.

Williams got his butt kicked at Notre Dame, thousands and thousands of Notre Dame students rushing the field after the game. One of those excited teenagers apparently danced up to Williams with cell phone in hand and ridiculed USC’s carpetbagger quarterback.

Stunning. Imagine that. Can you believe it. A college student acting like an immature college student after a glorious night sitting in the stands.

Williams told the media later, “Everyone wants to be in these two 12.5 shoes here.”

What a whiny insufferable self-absorbed brat.

He eats nothing but accolades in the LA Times sports section every day, three weeks ago the newspaper’s lead sports columnist suggesting they give Williams the Heisman Trophy right now.

That was before his three interceptions against Notre Dame.

He explained to reporters this week he was too busy to listen to a Notre Dame teenager although that’s exactly what he was doing and why it became news.

‘”I’ve got a lot of guys over here that I’ve got to lead,” Williams said. “So some opinion of a sheep, lions don’t worry about that.”

I thought it was the lambs who were led to slaughter in Notre Dame Stadium last week, but I guess he pictures himself a lion and others not worthy to step into his shoes.

Tough to reside in the real world when USC is giving you a free education and you’re getting paid more than $2 million in NIL money.

“That’s one game in the past three years that I’ve had a bad game,” Williams said, and I guess going on the defensive is better than asking his teammates to play some. “So, you don’t let that one game bring you down and cause you doubt.”

No, you just let one excited Notre Dame teenager you will never see again get to you.

I wouldn’t have written any of this that had Debbie not pressured me to write something. Don’t think she had USC in mind, knowing what a serious Trojan she is when I opted to single out Williams for being a whiny, insufferable self-absorbed brat, but dear Debbie, it’s tough to remain No. 1 in anything in life.

Just ask Williams.

3 thoughts on “Williams proves to be whiny, self-absorbed brat

  1. There is close to a zero chance this Debbie is a bigger TJ fan than me fir tge prior 20 yrs …residing in TX ( yes👍🏽, a LA Times subscriber before the deep -six- ourselves-biz-strategy.

    Yes👍🏽, TX.

    George Clark

  2. And sulking on the bench after the defeat by Utah, while other mere players acknowledged and congratulated each other. His attache escorted him to the locker room.

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